est 2019

Sjak's journey into photography began while working as a model internationally. Being around renowned photographers and seeing their work firsthand, he was inspired to pick up a camera and start capturing moments himself. What began as a hobby, soon turned into a  career as Sjak discovered his passion for photography.

His autodidactic style of photography can be described as a harmonious blend of modern, commercial imagery with a personal touch. He specializes in people and street photography and is based in Breda & New York, but is not limited to this area. 

While people photography remains Sjak's focus, he is not limited to just that. His portfolio includes a range of projects such as interior, travel, and event photography. Sjak always works closely with clients to understand their needs and create the perfect images that meet their expectations.

Pricing is always tailored to the client's specific needs and project type. If you're interested in working with Sjak, why not reach out and schedule a meeting to discuss the possibilities over a cup of coffee.




+31 6 20 88 06 03